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Welcome to my blog about car insurance.


Comprehensive Guide To Car Insurance

Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes

A person’s car is almost like a second home to him. Cars have become almost a necessity in a world bustling with excitement and energy. Most cars are not a cheap investment and therefore it becomes necessary that adequate measures are taken to protect it.

Car Security Alarm Installation

Theft is one of the major things a car owner should keep in mind. The threat becomes even more significant in the case of a luxury car. Appropriate measures like installing a good car security alarm can minimize the threat somewhat. However, many thieves can get their way through the most modern technology. That is why it is important to get a comprehensive insurance cover for your car.

Benefits of Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance comes along with many benefits. Most people are of the view that insurance only pays for injuries sustained in a car accident, car repairing or in the event of a car being stolen. However, insurance cover does that and much more. The following are some of the hidden benefits of car insurance:

  1. Relatives of the insured person driving the car are insured under the policy.
  2. A specified reimbursement is given for transportation charges in the event of a car crash.
  3. The cost of windshield repairs if it is replaced.
  4. A specified compensation for the monthly wages of the injured person who cannot work.
  5. Stereo and other audio equipments are also covered in case they are installed at places specified by the insurance company.
  6. Coverage for damages to clothes and luggage sustained in a car accident.
  7. Collision coverage deductible is completely waived off in the event that both the colliding cars are insured by the same company.
  8. Bail bond premiums for almost all types of violations of traffic rules.

Online Auto Insurance

There are many websites on the internet who offer the best possible insurance policies. Most of these policies are a shade better than regular policies. It is best to do some research before committing to any policy. One can easily find many websites and request a free online auto insurance quote from all of them. The next step should be to compare online insurance quotes and select the one that is most suitable for him. Some of these websites also offer free consultation in case one is unsure about his insurance needs. They also provide the added facility of letting them call the insurance applicant by submitting his phone number online.


How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Cut Down on Motoring Costs by Finding Cheaper Insurance for Your Car

When it comes to renewing car insurance, it really pays to do some research. Simply renewing with one’s existing insurer may be the easiest option, but it is likely to use up more of the prospective customer’s budget than is necessary. Many insurers offer good deals for new customers, so it is well worth seeking them out.

Use Price Comparison Websites

There are a number of price comparison websites for car insurance. The customer simply enters their details and they retrieve quotes from a wide range of insurers. A couple of minutes doing this could save hours on the phone or individual websites. However, it is always a good idea to visit more than one comparison site, as these sites have different insurers on their books. And Direct Line, one of the leading insurers in the UK, does not work with any of these websites, so it is worth calling them separately.

Making Direct Phone Calls to Insurers

Not all insurers offer their best deals via the internet, so once armed with the most competitive quote, it is worth calling some of them directly to see if the premium can be cut further. It is always worth telling an insurer that you have researched the market, and saying what deals can be had from their rivals.

Tthe customer should then give their current insurer a call and see if they can reduce the price; this can often persuade them to drop their renewal rate. And don’t forget trying insurance brokers too. Some of them have group deals with certain companies, and they can offer cheaper rates than an individual could get alone. In other words, research and haggling are worthwhile!

Try ‘Quote Massaging’

Insurers take jobs into account when giving a quote. Therefore it is worth finding different ways to describe one’s job to see if it makes a difference. Experts call this ‘quote massaging’. For instance, a landlord can be described as a publican, or a journalist as a writer. Sometimes this can make a difference.

Claim Carefully

If one needs to make a claim, it is worth checking as to whether it will be worthwhile to do so. Insurers operate a no-claims bonus discount, and if the customer doesn’t make a claim he or she gets cheaper insurance cover. This no-claims discount may be protected, which means that one can make a small number of claims without it being affected. But what many people do not realize is that in the event of a claim, the basic premium will probably go up, even if it is then discounted. So in the event of an accident, weigh up carefully whether it is advantageous or not to make a claim. One way of doing this is to visit the insurer’s website and type in one’s details with and without the claim to get an idea if the premium will rise.

Overall, the important thing is to do lots of research, be prepared to haggle, and exploit existing relationships with insurers. It could save hundreds of dollar per year!


How to Choose the Best Car Insurance Company

When Looking for Automobile Insurance, Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Selecting the best car insurance is not always easy. The problem is, there are many factors that need to be considered when it’s time to buy car insurance. If a consumer is simply focused on finding the best rate, he may make calling around for estimates the primary focus of his research on this important decision.

It’s important to remember that although car insurance cost is a big consideration, it may not be the most important factor in determining which company is the best one to do business with. When it comes to car insurance, the cheapest policy is not necessarily the best policy. In fact, an inexpensive policy does the policyholder no good if after an accident the company is hard to reach and unresponsive.

Check the Individual State to Find the Best Car Insurance Companies

Every state has a Bureau of Insurance that watches out for shady car insurance companies and can provide warnings and information for consumers looking to purchase automobile insurance. Each Bureau of Insurance exists to regulate the industry, provide licensing, and overall accountability for insurance companies in the state. These insurance bureaus provide unbiased information on all of the major and some of the minor insurance companies in each state.

Though the information and services available vary from state to state, most of these bureaus provide information such as ratings, consumer complaints, and price comparison charts on all the major car insurance companies in the state. If a Bureau of Insurance doesn’t have information on a particular company, a neighboring state may have information on the company in question.

Check the J.D. Power Ratings to Find the Best Car Insurance Companies

J.D. Power and Associates provides consumer information on many different types of companies, but they are best known for information they provide on car insurance rankings. The data they provide is collected from various individual policy holders nationwide.

Various companies are rated on a scale of 1-5 on pricing, billing and payment, policy offerings, contacting the insurer, and overall satisfaction. Amica Mutual was chosen as the best insurance company in 2013, the popular Geico got a rating of 3 out of 5 (an average rating), and State Farm received a rating of 4 out of 5 (better than most).

By doing research through the state Bureau of Insurance and looking over the ratings on J.D. Powers, a list of the best car insurance companies can be compiled and a search for the best car insurance rate can begin, with confidence knowing that if an accident occurs, the insurance company has a good track record of being there when needed.

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